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The Beginner Golfer’s Shopping Checklist: Basic Golf Equipment to Start Playing

In some sports, it can be easy to enjoy the game and successfully become an advanced player. You simply need to educate yourself by learning the rules and training to get the necessary skills. However, there are also some sports that require more than just knowledge about game play and skills. Nevertheless, there are some sports where it is equally important to have proper equipment. This is especially true in golf, where a player’s choice of golf equipment can make or break his game.

If you are reading this, then there’s a good possibility that you need help shopping for your first set of golfing equipment. Better equipment does give you a certain kind of advantage. Buying equipment can be simple from Rockbottomgolf. As a beginner, start with all the basic stuff: proper attire, your own golf balls, and a complete set of golf clubs.

The Basic Stuff

1. The Golfing Attire:

golfIf you haven’t played golf before, it may come as a surprise that your choice of clothes will be considered as a basic necessity in playing the sport. It may not be considered as equipment, but your attire should be carefully chosen whenever you enter a field to play. This is not about something as shallow as blending in to look just as professional as the other seasoned players in the field.

Choosing your attire is a display of respect for the dress codes set by the golf range where you intend to play. In general, proper golf attire includes skirts with shorts for girls. Sometimes each golf range has its own set of rules for their dress codes. It is best to learn about this before trying to play in the field. The last thing you want is to make the trip to a golf course, head for the filed all equipped and ready, and then be told that you will not be permitted to play since you’re not following the club’s dress code.

2. The Golf Ball:

Golf balls are surrounded with dimples and they typically come in white. There are also those that come in brighter neon colors so that players can easily locate them in the field. Golf balls are generally categorized as either recreational or advanced types of balls. You may think that it is quite easy to shop for this type of golf equipment, and that is true, although you have to be aware that the golf balls you purchase should be pre-approved by the US Golf Association abs by the R&A if you should use them, especially for professional tournaments.

3. The Golf Clubs:

Among the most basic golf equipment that you will need to play in the field, golf clubs are probably the most important and are also the most complicated to understand. There are various types of golf clubs, and each type is used to achieve different degrees of loft and flight distances. Some of the most basic types of clubs that you must have in your set are putters, wedges, woods, irons, and hybrid clubs. You are allowed to bring along with you up to 14 clubs in a regular game. It is important to know what types of clubs to purchase and which ones to bring during each game. There are a lot of factors that will dictate the types of golf clubs that are most suitable for your body type, level of skill, and style of game play.

The bottom line here is that you will basically shop for golf attire, some golf balls, and your first set of golf clubs. Take the time to ask for info from experienced golfers and professionals who can give you some smart advice. Shopping for your first pieces of golf equipment will be fun if you know what you’re looking for.