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Customized Portable Containers

Cozy and Lovely Modular Homes Courtesy of Storage Containers

Modern storage container homes are simply amazing, and the homeowners of such houses are satisfied and proud with their investment. In the past, people never thought of having storage containers as permanent houses. There were companies, like the ones that involved in building or house construction, which used the containers as temporary offices or barracks when some of the company employees needed a place to stay when they were assigned to work in the actual site of the project.

The outward appearance of the temporary office or dwelling was not impressive at all. In fact, it looked like an ordinary shipping container save for a couple of windows that some containers have. But, the interior provided a comfortable living space for everyone. The storage containers were chosen because of their transportability and size. It was more economical for those companies to rent or buy one or two containers to be delivered on the project site than let their employees reserved a room or two to a nearby hotel.

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The Evolution of Shipping Containers

Portable Shipping Container The inventor of the portable shipping container might have not thought that his inventions could be used as building material. Before, the shipping containers had only one purpose and that was to ship the merchandise of a particular company or individual to their target destination. Shipping containers that were brought to a certain place were usually left in that place, except when the containers need to ship something back to their owners.

Most owners of containers that need to ship their merchandise to another country leave their containers there to save money. It is more costly to ship an empty container back home than buy a new one. The said practice contributed to the increase in number of storage containers all over the world.

In 1962, the first official document about portable containers as building materials was published. Ever since then, the retired shipping containers assumed another role. More people appreciate the ease and convenience of having shipping containers as building materials for their homes.

People find more innovative ways to use the containers other than storing or shipping goods.

Modular Shipping Container Homes

No one can argue about the portability of shipping containers, and they are built to be moved. Unfortunately, they often move some dangerous stuff that sometimes makes potential buyers doubt the suitability of the containers as building materials. Luckily, there are container providers like Movable Container that takes care of the cleaning and fixing of the portable storages so they can be used for another purpose.

Shipping Container

Lately, news about modular homes, which use storage containers as building materials, proliferate the net. There are modular homes that make use of up-cycled portable containers. The modular container homes do not look anything like the typical portable container homes of the past. The modular homes have fresh, innovative styles and designs that you will surely love.

At first glance, you won’t be able to tell immediately that you are actually viewing a modular container home. What usually gives it away is its ribbed exterior, which a normal home does not have. Also, the more you look at it the more you see its box-like shape, which reminds you of a shipping container. You will suddenly realize that you are actually looking at a modular container home.

Before you build yourself a modular shipping container home, it is prudent to check the documents, permits, or other papers that you need to secure first. There are also areas that do not allow retired shipping containers as building materials for your home.


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