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Benefits Of Using Custom Embroidered Patches For Promoting A Business Brand

We know firsthand that adding customized patches on company uniforms could make a brand look more secured, established and sophisticated. Organizations that are using patches with customized embroidery are perceived with higher value and the extra time and money they spend on these items are always worthy to receive respect and good reputation.

For them, this is one way of making their brand stand out from the rest. Increased brand recognition is essential and here are some of the reasons why a lot of companies and organizations are using custom embroidered patches:

They serve as advertisements.

Embroidered patches sewn on company shirts are like walking billboards. So, instead of giving employees plain colored polo or buttoned-down shirts as uniforms, why not give them shirts that have embroidered patches with statement and company logo? With the right mix of color, message and company design, advertising a business will surely become effective.

They provide a more professional look.

Plain-colored collar shirts that have embroidered patches are more professionally looking than silk-screen printed shirts. It adds more quality and class to the overall look of the uniform. In case organizations are torn between silk-screen printing and embroidered patches, try to go with both for a more unique look. If there’s a hard time choosing over the type of garment or fabric that’s best for embroidery and/or silk screen printing, ask for the help of some experts.

They make the company unique from others.

PatcheAs mentioned earlier, if the company is more unique, the better. Companies should take extra steps in making their business have the edge over the others and one of the ways to do it is to come up with embroidered patches on items as a sold strategy. In business, versatility is the name of the game and it’s recommended to never limit the presence of embroidery just on shirts. Make it available on jackets, hats and bags as well.

They are made based on a company’s standpoint.

Companies are free to suggest the type of custom embroidered patches to be made in order to suit their mission, vision and objectives. Companies should do it because they must present the recognition they deserve to the embroidery experts.

They are flexible.

Companies may think that if they go for customized embroidery, they might be restricted to using a specific type of material only. This is not true because they have a lot of materials to choose from. For the type of fabric, they can choose between denim, cotton or silk and when it comes to the embroidered patches, they can go for specialty threads or gradient ones.

However, they should remember that embroidered patches won’t work on some materials so it’s best to consult the idea of an expert first before proceeding with this phase.

They are personalized.

Following the creation of custom embroidered patches based on vision and mission, companies are also entitled to make it more personal by adding embroidered employee names in front of the shirts as patches. Not only that it provides a good impression in terms of customer service, it also makes the employees look respectable.

They are affordable.

Cost effectiveness is much more realized in embroidered patches than the ones that are directly embroidered. Manufacturing costs for personalized patches have been reduced so that companies can still consider them even on tight budgets.

They can be collected.

Some people value embroidered patches as collector’s items and this response is a good sign for companies who want to strengthen their business branding.

They are durable.

Customized patches can typically withstand any process of cleaning and drying. Their appearance won’t change a bit unless many years will pass. Usually, companies come up with logos and designs that are good for quite a while so that they will not have a hard time reproducing them.

They are detachable.

One unique advantage of going for customized embroidered patches is their ability to be detached from the fabric. Either sewn or pressed, these patches can be removed from a particular garment to be transferred to another. Employees of a particular company will not have a hard time requesting for another issue of embroidered patches to promote the business since they can already remove the patches from a torn uniform.

We believe that companies should always keep all these things in mind so that the next time they come up with strategies on promoting a business brand, using custom embroidered patches will still be there.

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