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Bold and Creative Ways to Use Lanyards from

Lanyards are one of the most popular items used in promoting a business, cause, or product. It was first used as a promotional device by LAF or Lance Armstrong Foundation. LAF sold “Livestrong” lanyards to raise cancer awareness as well as to raise funds for the cancer research. Due to their success, other foundations adopted their method. Later on, businesses and enterprises also use custom lanyards to promote their brand and products. But lanyards are not only intended to bring you more income, they can be used for a lot of different purposes.
We at are always willing to help achieve your goal with our custom lanyards. To give you an idea on how to use lanyards creatively, let us first go back in time and relive how lanyards were first used.

Brief History of Lanyards

LanyardsBack in 1500s, sailors climb the rigging of their ships dangerously using one hand while their other hand carries tools such as knife, screws, and whistles. Because climbing becomes more difficult when there is a storm and the rigging’s not stable, the sailors find way to attach their tools on their clothes so that they can use both their hands in climbing. The rags or scrap fabrics around the ship gave them an idea.
The sailors tied the fabrics together to create a rope. Then, they attach other fabrics one by one to the rope. On those fabrics, they tied their tools. Finally, they insert the rope around their waist before climbing. Those brave men creatively invented the first lanyard.

Common Uses of Lanyards caters to different organizations and industries. Most of our clients use lanyards for these following purposes.

1. ID Badge Holder

Lanyards took the place of clips in holding students’ and employees’ identification badges. Lanyards enable them to secure their IDs and present them effectively. Students usually order polyester lanyards, your go-to lanyard if you are in a tight budget. Dye sublimated lanyards are also popular for this purpose. Those lanyards showcase full colors logos of schools and companies.

2. Brand Holder

If a company has a new product, they order custom lanyards with imprinted logo and name of their brand to be used during their launching. Nylon lanyards are the best choice for this purpose as they are more attractive than the other types of lanyards. Nylon also accentuates its design perfectly with the help of its gleaming effect.

3. Camping Tools Holder

When you go camping, there are essential tools that you have to keep close to you such as a Swiss knife, lighter, whistle, and flashlight. Our tubular lanyard is the perfect holder for your camping tools. This kind of lanyards is soft and yet, heavy duty. They can hold multiple objects without wearing off. Just make sure you use the right attachments. Here at, you can order lanyards with multiple and/or custom attachments.

4. Pistol Holders

From World War I, soldiers are using lanyards to attach their pistols and other small weapons on their uniforms. The lanyards keep their weapons secured and close. Until now, simple cord lanyards are very useful in the military.

Other Uses of Custom Lanyards
1. Event’s Pass Holder

wholesalelanyardsCustom lanyards will make your events more memorable. Order polyester or tubular lanyards now with imprinted name or logo of your upcoming event at The lanyards will serve as pass holder at the beginning of the event, name tag holder during the event, and souvenir after the event. Creative, isn’t it?

2. Eyeglasses Holder

With our metal ring attachment, you can now secure your eyeglasses on custom lanyards. We suggest nylon lanyards for this. We also suggest that you create a logo or text for your very own lanyard. Lanyards are not only for groups, they are also for individual. We believe that it’s exciting to create a lanyard that is only for you.
If you wear dresses with collar or turtleneck shirts, you now have an alternative eyeglasses holder.

3. Water Bottle Holder

This is really a creative way of using lanyards. Lanyards with special attachments will enable runners to carry their water bottle with them at fun runs. Morning joggers can do the same. They no longer have to carry a bottle by hand. If you are organizing a fun run, create a logo now for your custom lanyards and don’t forget to select our special attachment for the amusement and satisfaction of your participants.

The uses of lanyards are not limited to the lists above. That is how convenient and flexible custom lanyards are. No matter how simple or beautiful, trust our lanyards to serve their purpose for you.